GetHired's new Benefits Administration platform offers clients a streamlined solution for managing employee enrollments. You can now easily enroll new hires, process qualified life events, and launch your Open Enrollment right within GetHired. Even better, employee enrollment elections seamlessly integrate with payroll to ensure accurate deductions. We made things easy by automatically pulling in your company data and list of employees. All you need now is your plan information.

If you already have a broker, we can send them an invite to create an account. Not only can they build plans for you, but they'll also have access to your Benefits portal 24/7. If an employee enrolls, changes, or drops coverage, your broker will know about it and they can immediately update your carriers.

If you don't already have a broker, you can get started by navigating on your own. Want more information on the Benefits portal, or need help finding a broker? We're here to help!